TRUCK collection fall/winter 11-12 of Jean-Paul Lespagnard

An all-consuming love story is set around the unlikely stage of a finely-tuned automobile. A guarded woman wearing designs by Jean-Paul Lespagnard falls in love with the elusive driver of one of Japan’s pumped-up, hyper-macho and elaborately customised ‘dekotora’ trucks. In her bid to track him down, she ventures down a luminous road battling the elements into unfamiliar territory. But she must confront herself before ultimately finding what she is looking for.

Official Selection ASVOFF Festival Barcelona 2012

Production Laetitia Bica and Leslie Artamonow

Director and DOP by Laetitia Bica
chief oprerator : Leslie Artamonow
Montage by Leslie Artamonow
Technique light by Didier Verheyden
Technique video projection : Benjamin Bauwens
Visual video by Dirty monitor
Regie : Jessica Amico
Styling by Jean-Paul Lespagnard
Assistant styling : Jean-Gabriel Francini
Models : Elisa Sys, Chevali Inghels and Tine Marteens
Hair and make up : Orla McKeating and Charline Vanderweeën

Visual 3D DEKOTORA truck by Dominique Piccinato

Video realised at K-nal and BPS22

Music :
Bishop Dust – Sometrucks

Spécial tanks to
Elle Belgique, Libertine Supersport, ARTO, Dominique models, le and C’est chic agency